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We build homes, not houses.

At Villa Village Kang-Aen, we pride ourselves in helping every family to build a home that perfectly fits their needs, turning every house into a home, we want to make our hometown your hometown. We maintain that “small town” feeling with our community-centered subdivisions, well-manicured public parks, and tree-lined downtown streets. Every home is complete with a large front porch and front and back yards that are perfect for sitting, playing, or visiting with friends and neighbors. Using only the finest materials, our architects and engineers designed each and every home with their own families in mind. We use safe and energy efficient windows, insulated exterior and interior walls and ceilings, and install top-of-the-line electrical and water lines. Come to Villa Village Kang-Aen today to let us design and build your perfect home.

We are a local Thai-German family, the land for this project have been owned by our family for generations. We have been married since 2002 and we are ourself living on this land together with our 3 children.



nobbis for sale
ground area about 120 square meters / each floor
3 floors
year rent 150,000 baht
Sales price 790,000 baht equal to 22,000 euro
year sales in 2013 = 4,300,000 Baht
790,000 baht are negotiable
Depending what the buyer is looking to stock or otherwise
Contact Phone +66816624137

nobbis for sale

grund flaeche ca. 120 qm / jedes Stockwerk
3 stockwerke
jahres miete 150.000 baht
Verkaufspreis 790.000 baht gleich 22.000 euro
jahres umsatz 2013 = 4.300.000 Baht
die 790.000 baht sind verhandelbar
abhaengig was der kaeufer an stock oder sonst wuenscht
Contact Phone +66816624137


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